FeedTagger: Progress Update

After reluctantly taking FeedTagger offline due to numerous hosting issues, I've been fairly quiet. The good news though, is that I've been very busy preparing FeedTagger for re-launching with a brand new interface and many improvements.

I have been generously offered a week for free in an Adelaide data centre to test server load and bandwidth issues. This should provide some solid statistics and debugging information. To give you a rough idea, in the short time FeedTagger was operational there were over 10,000 unique feeds added. Some rough maths highlights my problem:
(10000 feeds) X (25KB average) X (24 updates/day) = 6G incoming traffic/day !

For this reason alone FeedTagger v2 will have adverts provided by Google's Adsense program. I've tried to make them prominent enough so people will click them, but non-intrusive at the same time.

As for a timeline for when FeedTagger will be back up? It's hard to say, but I'm trying to get it up ASAP. Although I'm cautious not to make it available before it's really ready. Hopefully within a week, two weeks at the latest.

To give you an idea of the frontend changes I've taken 3 screenshots:
The backend has had a bunch of improvements, with all the feed processing now being done with Python - a screenshot isn't going to highlight these though :)


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