feedtagger.com launched!

I have just launched feedtagger.com - possibly the fastest concept to creation ever (was it less than a week?)

What's it do?
  • Aggregates news from unlimited sources
  • You can apply multiple tags to each source - helping you find what you're interested in
  • Can browse by feed
  • Server based so feeds are updated automatically so you never miss anything!
  • Unread items are highlighted and displayed first
  • Very quick and dynamic
As it was quickly churned out I still want too do the following ASAP:
  • Add support for importing all your existing feeds
  • Allow use of templates for modifiying feed display
  • Actually provide information on the front page explaining what feedtagger.com is and how it works
Not really sure what this is all about? Sign up for an account and then google for something that interests you. If I was into cycling I would search for:
filetype:rss cycling
filetype:atom cycling

Grab one of the links (ending in .rss or .atom) and place it into your account (when logged in click "feeds" under "manage"). Add any descriptive tags (perhaps "cycling,blogs") and your away!
Just refresh your feed and you should start to understand what this is all about.

Go and sign up now!


Blogger CloCkWeRX said...

(1) Signon/Registration needs to be a view accessed later, I won't sign up to many things unless I know what they are. Even it was just a "what everyone is looking at".

(2) Can I upload my existing RSS feeds via an OPML file?

(3) Can I fill out a profile with my weblog and auto scutter my RSS feeds for aggregation.

(4) Can I parse RSS 1.1 feeds?

(5) I feel a need for more image for some reason :(

(6) Can I subscribe to a feed OF my feeds?

(7) Where's my monkey!

(8) Any del.ico.us/flickr integration...

That's all I've got :) Nice work...

10:14 PM  
Blogger CloCkWeRX said...

Oh, and FOAF, Gravatars, and... ooh...
an API to get the tags!

10:17 PM  
Blogger tahpot said...

(1) Yeah I need an "intro"
(2) Can I upload my existing RSS feeds via an OPML file?
It's a high priority yes
(3) eh?
(4) Dunno to tell you the truth - I'm using magpie
(5) Agreed, I have images in my DB, but need to do some preg_replacing to resize
(6) OF?
(8) Maybe one day

Cheers.... Still lots to do, but I'm finding it useful - so I presume others will too.

I plan on having a "feed marker" bookmark that can be used to fetch feeds from a url to integrate directly

10:23 PM  
Blogger CloCkWeRX said...

Re (3)...

User signs up
User fills in about me section
User specifies weblog
Site goes to weblog
Site auto discovers any available feeds and adds them to the group pool
Site rewards user with a monkey

2:53 PM  
Blogger CloCkWeRX said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

2:54 PM  
Blogger CloCkWeRX said...

(6) See PlanetRDF for an example. Ie, a private feed I can live bookmark in firefox to tell me I've got X new items on feedtagger.

2:55 PM  
Blogger CloCkWeRX said...

Probably better to go with flickr style tagging than comma seperated - I naturally try "fish, monkey, foo" and only fish is applied - "non alphanumeric" etc etc.

2:59 PM  
Blogger tahpot said...

Thanks for the feedback, I've spent all day f*cking around with a PHP5 bug that has been stuffing up my indexing of feeds into a DB.

Once I've got that sorted I'll start implementing/fixing this fun stuff :)

Keep it up ;)

3:05 PM  

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