Slashdot Effect

My recent project: feedtagger.com - I am generating an alarming amount of content very quickly. I am in the process of establishing how/if I can try to get some publicity without the whole system falling over.
The main issues that need to be resolved include:
  • Managing the 1000's of feeds as they're entered into the system and updated every hour
  • Serving up very database heavy content (every search/tag/feed view is coming from a database)
I figured that the slashdot effect is a good benchmark. If feedtagger.com can survive the slashdot effect then it should be setup well enough for day-to-day operations. I've found a good article at geek.com that discusses their experiences with the /. effect that is quite interesting.

The result? With a modern web server and plenty of bandwidth it should be quite managable. The large amount of database processing involved for feedtagger.com will have a negative effect, but with a whole machine at my disposal I will have many additional options to index the database for speed.


Anonymous Bruno Bornsztein said...

Just wondering if you'd checked out Feedmarker (www.feedmarker.com) - it does some similar things to Feedtagger.
Maybe we can share some ideas...

1:17 AM  
Blogger CloCkWeRX said...

Heh, spotted a few days ago while trawling about the JPSpan wiki.

*cough* API! API!!! *cough*

9:29 PM  

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