FeedTagger goes BETA

After a bit over a month of flat-out work FeedTagger has finally been launched to the world in BETA form (FeedTagger blog is here: http://blog.feedtagger.com/)

Overall the launch has gone fairly well with a large number of users signing up, along with a whole bunch of feeds and tags. So far the system seems to be holding up well, there were a few minor hickups, but most are sorted out for now.

There is a ton of features that have been suggested along with many others I'm keen to implement. I'd like to thank everyone who is trying FeedTagger and all those who provided excellent feedback.

Hopefully FeedTagger will continue to grow, become more user friendly and support an increasing number of users into the future!


Blogger redbarren said...

Hey this is an awesome service. Im a Melbourne based (au) freelance business development person. Ive been dealing alot with US companies who are leaders in RSS about bringing their services to Australia, which they are very keen to do.

Id love to speak to you about your potential involvement etc. Ill email you separately but great work !

In terms of how it works, I also use for personal and business comparison purposes newsgator, myyahoo, pluck, rojo, delicious, wists... and this is now in my top 4 with newsgator, delicious and myyahoo

Little glitches like when I click and go to the story level I cant click back I need to use the tag or feed on the left nav... needs to be fixed

I love reading by tag and as micropersuasion PR dude said, itd be great to see which other people were reading a feed and what else they were subscribing to and then subscribe to an RSS feed of their (new) feeds ! (like delicious does for links)

I would also concentrate on the design/interface for the first page.... alot of people will get turned away before they register, and then once I have registered and claimed feeds, when I return... the feeds and stories should populate the page... rather than have me having to select a drop down... (ive previously worked at sensis and ninemsn and its amazing how mainstream users need to be showed whats there and have it explained...)

Other than that its great - I think I know a few major media and search companies in australia who would pay to have a branded version of this reader, with their content included, plus some other feeds you have...

We should chat... my email is redbarren@gmail.com if you want to say hello or post a reply here or I will email you and say hello.

Great work, loving the speed of Ajax, and use of tags is really good. (btw i had no problem with my feeds registering/updating etc)

Ben Barren

10:20 AM  
Blogger 'Thought & Humor' said...

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