Google Adsense slow response

As I'm sure many have noticed FeedTagger displays Google's Adsense advertisments. This is to prove the business model behind FeedTagger and assist paying the (ever growing) bandwidth costs.... but not all is rosy.

FeedTagger attempts to display ads that are relevant to the feeds or items currently being viewed. At the top of every page there is an iframe that loads a URL unique for the current item on display. This iframe loads Adsense along with the particular items contents, so Google can establish the context for correct ads.

Naturally the majority of the time these adverts were loaded, Google had not indexed the item on display. This resulted in blank adverts or completely out of context ads being displayed. I resolved this by simply adding a refresh of 5 seconds on the iframe because Google could establish the context within that time.

This worked quite well until about a week ago when the speed of Google slowed dramatically - to the point where it now takes up to 20-30 seconds. Such a timeframe is fine for a typical static website, but FeedTagger has millions of items, all requiring Google to check and find relevant adverts.

Why is Google suddenly so slow? I suspect it may have something to do with their google accelerator that has been pulled (some say it chewed up all their bandwidth) and also their pagerank being hacked, forcing them to make some quick action that has affected their systems.

In the meantime I'm working around for FeedTagger so relevant adverts will still be displayed. I'm sure Google will sort out their problems and get back to their usual snappy response times.


Blogger CloCkWeRX said...

On yonder blog I had nightmares with slow responses and google ads / javascript wanting to wait for everything to load.

In the end I got grumpy and decided the 0.20c a week wasn't really worth the annoyance.

10:37 AM  

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