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Mass media is in for a shake-up over the next decade or so. As people become increasingly accustomed to finding relevant news stories on the Internet, traditonal media companies are really going to struggle.

I check posts from FeedTagger every morning, before reading any newspapers etc. and came across this story from an Adelaide website. Basically last night Adelaide police raided a poker tournament in a heavy handed fashion, despit the fact the tournament had been advertised for months, had separate qualifiers run in Sydney and Melbourne casino's etc.

Anway, it became immediately obvious from the adelaide bloggers who posted about the event, that the whole thing was a bit of a farce. What was immediately obvious though was the absolute poor investigative journalism by Adelaide's major news paper - The Advertiser. Their initial story indicated the journalist spent 5 minutes talking to a cop out the front of the raid and wandered off. The Advertiser partly redeemed itself by later giving a much improved account of events.

The story here is not really important. It's that I was able to find out about a news story that happened on my front door via local bloggers. These bloggers gave eye-witness accounts of what happened and linked to others who were there. In addition bloggers link to each other, getting the reader much closer to primary sources. Traditional media generally present an account of what happened, without linking to more detailed information or revealing their sources. This last point will be a huge determining factor, bringing larger audiences to online news mediums.


Blogger redbarren said...

Totally. and the funny thing is that journalists are putting their creative juice into their blogs, and turning up to work bleary eyed and unmotivated to put the effort into their stories.

Reading The Age in Melbourne today, in the wind, I wish they would make it A4 size so I could read it outside !

I would like to be able to print out my RSS feeds each day though and have my own self-printed issue !

Will Feedtagger being doing that soon ? ;)

9:14 PM  
Blogger CloCkWeRX said...

Its called "Gossip".


But to be fair, this ripples-in-a-pond blogosphere stuff is teh shizzle!

Roommates all spend ages on the phone / etc organising life, then get stuck at home with nothing interesting to talk about.
I go to work and just kind of passively absorb the news of the day, what's happening in Adelaide, and where I get next get drunk.

I idle across IRC, and IM mediums, and I feed on snippets of information here there and everywhere.

At the end of the day, if you asked me to tell you *where* I learned what I did, I'd have to google it.

It's boggling to actually sit back and reflect on it.

3:45 PM  
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