Japanese blogging statistics

I have noticed the surprising (to me at least) number of FeedTagger users that come from non-english speaking backgrounds. At the very least it has forced me to make sure the next iteration of FeedTagger has all the mult-language encodings etc. all sorted out.
Anyway, Joi Ito has pointed to some very interesting statistics on blogging and overall Internet usage in Japan. These include:
  • 1 in 4 japanese women in their teens and 20's have a blog
  • 72.5% of people have heard of blogs, up from 39% last year.
  • 9.5% of Internet users use RSS Readers.
The actual presentation of these stats is available here.

I'm surprised that almost 10% of Internet users use RSS readers, purely because so many people I've spoken to that are fairly tech savvy haven't even heard of RSS... and 25% of women having their own blog is huge!
There is no doubt that RSS is here to stay and we are going to continue seeing huge growth, especially as increasing numbers of blogs are created. This growth will continue in places such as Japan and start building strong momentum over the coming 6-18months here in Australia.


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