Nevow: Web application toolkit

In prepartion for a large scale overhaul of FeedTagger's backend I have been looking around for an efficient way of writing a Python frontend. The backend API is going to be in Python, so I figure the front-end should be as well - for improved flexiblity and speed....

Anyway, I've come across nevow (nou-veau), a web application toolkit that can integrate nicely with the amazing twisted framework. Why is it cool?
  • Completely OO page rendering
  • Client-side (AJAX) integration with Python's livepage
  • Runs as stand-alone server (no apache overhead) using twisted
  • Excellent template system using XML with integrated data/render methods
  • Benefits of integration with Python and Twisted
For those serious about web development and working with the best tools it should be checked out. Some links to get started:


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