Programmable search engine: Yubnub

This is seriously cool: Yubnub
It's like a command line that you can send commands to that perform all sorts of operations such as:
  • gim "metallica" - google image search for metallica pictures
  • ls - show all available commands
  • man xyz - show man page for command xyz
and one that is really fun is tts --voice=charles "hello sir, can i have a pale ale?"

The cool bit is anyone can make their own command and add it to the system so things like this have been added:
  • wikip metallica - find all wikipedia entries that mention metallica
  • ASCII metallica - generate a huge range of ascii art for the word metallica
  • phpfunction - return the manual page for a specific function
For a fair sized list check out the Yubnub golden eggs page.


Blogger CloCkWeRX said...

Mmm, polished! I've had access to something like this for a while, so I'm not as awestuck as I should be, but it's good to see it actually out there and taken on properly.

*/end holier than thou moment*..

I mean.. uh.. COOL. :D

1:24 AM  

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